CELL – Is Your Number Up?

Cell by Stephen KingIn a world where our lives are controlled by modern technology Stephen King brings a tale of terrorism that will make all the technophobic, mobile (cell) phone users proud that they have never touched one.

Cell” is the story of a pulse that goes through the mobile phone network, resetting the brains of any humans who use one to it’s base coding. The whole book is based on the premise that the human brain is really just one big computer. Which of course it kind of is.

It’s confronting at times, and makes you think, “What would I do in the same situation?”. Not that its something I would have to worry about. If the pulse came, I would be one of the majority that would answer the call, because I do carry a mobile phone.

What appears on the surface as yet another Zombie book, which Stephen King hasn’t done before that I can remember, turns out to be a telling of the human need to survive.

From the perspective of a long time Stephen King reader, the most notable missing component is the character build. I’ve always found in the past that King will lead with some action, dip into character building and get back into the action. By doing so we build a bond and care for the characters that Stephen King puts thought their paces facing peril and, on occasion, certain death.

A great read.

Time Flies By

It has been a busy and unusual last couple of days (well four days really).
To start with on Monday I was a little under the weather but went to work where I spent most the day plodding along and getting things done, but not really feeling like I was there.

Monday night I had a shift at my volunteer work – a peer counselling hotline – it was a great night, had some good calls that ended well and two from people who wanted to help the service (always makes me feel good). So I left there feeling quite good and proud of myself.

Not a kilometre away I was approaching a stop sign, there was a car in front of me, he increased his speed and looked to be going round the corner. Me thinking he had gone, but watching for traffic coming was rolling forward towards the stop line, only to feel a bump and scraping. When I looked forward I found that the car had in fact NOT gone around the bend of the stop sign but was now part of my car!

I backed up, put the hazards on and got out of the car, expecting not a good reception given that the accident was indeed my fault. The other guy jumped out of his car… I said “Man, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what he was thinking. Is your car alright?” To which he replied “I don’t care about the car, are YOU alright.”

Investigation of the vehicles showed his ute had no real damage at all, I on the other hand, who had taken the LaserĀ  found that the laser had gone a little way under the tray and had achieved a good scraping to the bumper and the lip of the bonnet. “Crap” I thought.

After a couple of minutes of me profusely apologising and the other guy trying to say it didn’t matter we parted company. Me much relieved. It is worth note that the two major scrapes the poor little Laser has received are my fault. And yet I probably drive it around 2% of the time. Had I been in the Jeep that night (as I usually would be), I doubt any damage would have been sustained because the flat front of the Jeep would not have gone under the tray.

I thank the universe that the guy I hit was who he was. Had it been ANYONE else in any other type of car I might not have faired so well when it came to talking face to face. So Mr Toyota driver… while you may never see this I thank you wholeheartedly.

Other than that my week has been a little stressed with work outside of work. For reasons which may become apparent in the future, I’m not really dealing with stress very well. And the people I am building a site for have just come back with some changes that would mean re jigging the whole site. Thankfully David was on-hand to assist in scripting my reply. I was ready to advise them I was done. But maybe I walk away from things too easily?

Add to this the fact that I was sick on Tuesday, and had to reply to an email from my manager on Wednesday about why our site does this and doesn’t do this etc. etc. (most of which we have discussed before) and you’ll see to-date, it has not been a great week.

Here’s hoping Thursday is a little kinder. On a good note, I have a LONG weekend coming up. YAY.