Geek What Tha?

Apple Store Delivery NoticeI preface this by apologising to all the non-geeks out there… My Friend Sue has just take receipt of her fabulous brand new 24inch iMac, jeepers they are huge.

She has it here in the office today, cause that’s where it got delivered and of course we had to take it out of the box and check it out. It amazes me how many people are looking at it and saying what a huge “monitor” it is, and then to see their jaws drop when they find out the WHOLE computer is in there.

But back to the “What Tha?” The image attached to this post is Sue’s “Apple Store Delivery Note” from “Apple Computer Australia Pty Ltd” and check out the bottom left hand corner… that sucker was not generated from a Mac. Bloody… Word on the Mac can do Mail Merge too guys!

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