Any attempt to try and explain what I dreamt last night will not be adequate, but I must try. Click the arrow to read the rest of the post… it is quite long. I apologise now for any spelling errors, it has been written pretty much as soon as I woke.
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  1. Wow, this is an INTENSE dream! Very close to nature, and maybe you spent way too much time either watching or reading Lord of the Rings :P. Have you considered going to the doctor for these dreams? Is there a possibility your dreams are caused by something physical?

  2. I think my dreams are just caused by me being a little nutty.. :P

    I used to suffer from very very very bad dreams when I was a kid. For as long as I can remember my dreams have seemed very real to me. They are usually quite linier, not jumpy like most dreams are. It is like I am living them… I also learnt to control what I dream as a way to deal with bad dreams. So these days if I don’t like the way a dream is going, I change it or wake.

    Of course there are times I let them go their course cause there is also usually a reason for them…

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