Basketball Woes

So after a week off I played Basketball last night… and we lost.

The game was going so well, we were matching them point for point. Mark and Steph were in there with a couple of three pointers. Coba (pronouced Choba) pitched in a few baskets and Simon even scored one for the team.

Down to the last 15 seconds of the game… we’re in the lead 45 – 44, they’re racing down the court ball in hand eager for that last mad dash and shot all we have to do is keep them away. Stave off their approach… they’re in the key, about to take a shot and our number 7 attempts to block and makes contact with the other player. Barely a touch, but still a foul.

A foul in the key means they get two shots… and the buggers didn’t miss, two shots, one point each puts the final score at 46-45, they win. Number 7 hangs his head in shame…

Oh did I mention that I’m number 7, which means I pretty much lost the game… although he was in the key and taking a shot, who knows, maybe he would have missed that one!

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