NTS: Video Encoding

Convert your h264 video to Apple ProRes 422 before editing.

Using Adobe Media Encoder CC:

  1. Load source h264 files
  2. Select all source files
  3. Format: QuickTime
  4. Preset: Custom – In Video tab select:
    1. Video Codec: Apple ProRes 422
    2. Basic Video Settings: Hit the “Match Source” button
    3. Click OK
  5. Confirm all are set to the same output settings
  6. Click the Play button to start the encoding

You’ll now have new files, still .mov that will be easier to work with in Premiere Pro, they won’t stutter along like the h264 encoded files.

Canon 5DsR

Canon Kid No More

OMGoodness what have I done!

We head into the city today to get David a new lens. He had been busy in the weeks prior selling a bunch of stuff, including his old A-Mount lenses and an older laptop to afford his new lens.

As usual we hit all of the camera stores along Elizabeth Street in the city before arriving back at the JB Hi-Fi camera store. It really is our go-to store, I’m not sure how they do the prices they do, and maybe they only give those prices to us because we’ve been there so many times, but we have “saved” a bunch of money shopping there over the years and we’re usually served by the same guy. As an example: not long after the Canon 5DMKIII came out, while it was still shelf price of $4,200 I walked into the JB Hi-Fi store and got a price of $3,000, of course, I spent my money very quickly.

On this occasion, they not only gave us a great price on the Sony 70-200 G-Master lens we were after, they also (at David’s request) gave us a fantastic price on a Sony A9… the bastards! I couldn’t walk away from the price they gave us.

Of course, I’m not one to maintain multiple systems, and because I had to recoup my purchase if I wanted to eat, all my Canon gear is now on sale! I’m a switcher, not a hoarder.

Fortunately I’ve sold a couple of items already, and have a few interested parties in other items, so I’m well on the way to recouping my costs.

I’ve been a Canon shooter since I was 18, well more than half my life, and I’ve gathered a few things in that time, to change is a crazy expensive venture after already spending a small fortune on a multitude of lenses. Thankfully, David is a Sony shooter, so we already have a lot of the lenses I’m getting offloading, so I’m not having to replace my whole kit at once.

Why am I switching… well in part because as per the last paragraph, there’s a lower cost for me to do it, but also because the Sony A9 provides a bunch of features that the Canon doesn’t and won’t be providing any time soon. The big ones for me are:

  1. The focus points
    On the Sony A9 there are over 690 focus points that push right to the edge of the frame, with my Canon I’m very restricted to how far to the edge I can focus, and those about midway out from the centre are not awesome for focussing. The Sony is amazingly fast to focus, even on the edge points.
  2. Eye Focus and Follow Focus
    In addition to the amazing number of focus points, the A9 has incredible focus following. I haven’t tried it out too much myself yet, I was looking for some sport that might be on today to have a go, but nothing is on today in Melbourne, but I have seen many, many videos showing it’s ability to do this and I’m keen to give it a go. It even shows great promise with subjects that move towards you, something every other camera I have ever had has had issue with.
  3. What you see is what you get.
    On my A9 it has an electronic viewfinder. I’ve never liked them much, mostly because they suck the battery dry. Sadly the A9 is not immune to this issue, but I have grown to love the WYSIWYG nature of the shooting. Sure on my Canon I could literally for days shooting, but I also had to use the review button a lot to make sure I got the shot, now I know I’ve gotten the shot when I push the buttons, I don’t need to “chimp” it to see before making my next shot. So I’ll need to get myself another battery or two.
  4. It’s lighter
    Not a lot, but every little bit counts when it’s something you’re lugging around all day. I also hope it will handle well when on my Ronin M. Something I’m hoping to try out in the coming days.
  5. 4K Video 100fps
    I haven’t had a camera that will do 4K that will slide in nicely with the footage from my Phantom 4. Looking forward to give this a go and finally mixing my footage.

Well that’s just 5, I’m sure more will come along… let’s see.

Selling off and handing over my Canon gear has been hard, very hard, I had a little meltdown the day I bought the A9, but I’m getting used to it and learning to love it.

Aeroplane trip

They’re a leaving on a jet plane

Today my family left Australia for a new life in New Zealand.

My brother in law Peter has a new job with a casino in New Zealand, having left behind Star in Sydney.

I trust it will be a good change for Peter, Jennifer and their two girls. They are also taking my mum along with them. She’s been assured she isn’t to become the live-in babysitter, but they are letting her join them as a way of retirement.

Mum has worked pretty much her entire life and she’s been living for others for all that time. I hope she finds a lot more time for herself and she has a lot of new adventures in New Zealand.

Daddy Longlegs are Cool

Sorry to the arachnophobes out there who come across this post… while yes an arachnid, the Daddy Longlegs is not a spider. As the video explains she is more of a scorpion.

Also, why they say “they” didn’t pull the legs off, they, or the film’s source provider, certainly made it so the leg came off.

I really love this whole series of videos from PBS, the amount of information contained in a short video, and the quality of the videos, it’s just amazing.

How social media manipulates us

I’ve started another Humanity Hiatus. A time when I pull away from social media and news and concentrate on my life and work for a time.

Last time it was for about six months, this time I’ll be going for at least the same amount of time, and at the end of it will see if I want to come back.

I used to watch TED talks all the time, but they fell away to Facebook, YouTube and others over time, but I do love TED. And today, while having lunch I found the following videos that likely encompasses the WHY I (and others) need to take these breaks.

Let Sleeping Dogs (and Cats) Lie

Is it “lie”, or “lay”, I always get them confused. It matters not, the title gets the point across.


Below are our pets, as they like to sleep while hanging out with me while I work at home.


Bill likes to be real close. I’m not sure how this is comfortable.

Ever the little lady is Joey.

Edie didn’t like being flashed!

More of Jo laying about, it’s her favourite thing.

Porter on the shelf above my desk.


Partyroom Politics

Marriage Equality is the subject for today in the party rooms. They will, hopefully, be discussing Dean Smith’s private member’s bill and, hopefully, they will approve it for discussion and a vote in parliament.

The government is crazy if they think they can survive NOT putting this forward. It has gone on long enough, over 20 bills have been put forward and rejected over the last 10 or so years. This is an inevitability they must face. They can either be the party that lead the way to marriage equality in Australia, or they can get out of the way at the next election.

For those who worry about the religious exemptions in the bill fear not for two reason:

  1. The gays are just being added to a long list of exemptions that already exist for clergy. They currently are exempt from having to marry people who have differing faiths, from themselves or from each other, divorcees, and even people they don’t think should be married. They can currently just say, nope, I don’t think you’re right for each other, I’m not going to be the one to marry you. So we gays are just being added to a list that already exists, they aren’t making a new one.
  2. The churches will come around, and likely quite quickly. Their numbers are falling, the are bolstering them with rhetoric about the evils of the gays and their abhorrent lifestyle “choice”. But they are fighting a losing battle. Sure the Biebs and other music, and the brainwashing is bringing folks to Hillsong. But that can’t save the dying ideology that is structured religion.

    We know the churches will come around because they need the money and because we have historic precedent… black people and the church. The church was a driver behind segregation and preventing inter-racial marriage, but these days it’s mostly nothing to them. They embrace black culture and in the US the African American community have weird, in my opinion, embraced the church… the teachings of which once and continues to drive the KKK and other white supremacists.

So let’s not fear the religious exemptions as they exist in the bill. Let’s get married and let the church sort itself out. We don’t need them any more now than we did yesterday.

It’s time to join the new world of liberty and equality for all.

Kobold VR200

Dusty is Awesome

Our little robot vacuum cleaner, Dusty, is so cordial, she* says things like:

“Thank you for emptying my dirt bin and cleaning my filter”.

To which I often reply:

“That’s OK, thank you for keeping my floors clean.”

She does and awesome job and I am truly grateful to have her. She’s a Kobold VR200 and having had another one “Pickles”, an LG Roboking, I declare that Dusty is a far superior device.

*Dusty is a she, not because she’s carrying out domestic duties, but because she’s freaking amazing! Pickles, our previous robot vacuum, now lives in the Garage. Pickles is a he, and he was pretty good when we first got him, but started to go a bit crap after a while.