All Uber drivers are rapists: Fear marketing

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Fear marketing at its best! This tactic should never be applauded. And it looks like in most states and territories where Uber operates something like this would not be able to operate anyway given we have rules about limited employment to a single gender and so do most of the US states. Fear is the easiest form of control and the GUY who started this company is winning at it. All you have to do is put the idea of something terrible into people’s minds and bam, you have a…read more


Better Off Dead

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I implore you to listen to this ongoing podcast series “Better Off Dead” from Andrew Denton and the Wheeler Centre. A sometimes uncomfortable topic, Assisted Death, is a subject we need to have a real and informed conversation about. Andrew Denton and his team have done the research and eloquently present the facts with stories from real people who have been directly affected by this topic, including Andrew himself. You may not think it given the subject matter, but there are times you’ll laugh, and quite likely times you’ll cry,…read more


Another Astro Post!

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Yep, one more post and then I’ll maybe round it up to part of a weekly update. But my DJI Phantom 4 “Astro” has been busy today. I had planned on testing out the Phantom 4’s ability to fly indoors, but I stupidly forgot the key to the office so I couldn’t get any before anyone else. I also knew I would have a wait for anyone else to arrive so I drove around to the Studley Park Boathouse to give Astro a run. You can see a photo and…read more

Two days with Astro the Phantom 4 from DJI

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Yes I name my technology. When you pay more for it than you would a puppy and it brings you, almost, as much joy, it deserves a name. So Astro he is. Astro is my upgrade of Elroy, my Phantom 2 with GoPro drone. I have a few things to say about the Phantom 4 from DJI and I hope I don’t sound too much like I’m gushing, but Astro is awesome! I’ve had only really one full day with the drone and it has exceeded my expectations completely. It’s ease…read more

Astro’s First Flight

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Today we welcomed Astro into our little family of technology. We purchased Astro from the Highpoint Apple Store, apparently Apple have an exclusive agreement with DJI to stock them for a short time. In a press release about the partnership the head of DJI said that most people who buy DJI products are also Apple users so it makes sense to partner with the company that creates the devices that basically work as an extension of the drone. AND you pretty much can’t use most of the features of the drone…read more

Safe Schools Program needs to stay!

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If the “right” side of politics won’t listen to we the gays about Safe Schools and how awesome it might have been to have something like that when we were there, maybe they’ll listen to the mother of a gay who’s not here now to speak for himself: ————————————— My name is Sheryl Moore, and I’m the mother of A.J. Betts. A.J. made a statement that was very poignant. He said, “Mom, I just can’t go to this school anymore where people are hurting my feelings and making me cry…read more


The things we will discuss

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We don’t talk about suicide because of fears it will prompt others to consider it as an option to get out of a bad situation, albeit a very final decision. But we’ll constantly talk about murder and rape and report on the crappy sentences these crimes receive and continue to allow a culture of violence to breed through violent videos games (which contrary to industry-funded studies I believe DO desensitise children and adults alike). Surely reporting on these things also prompt more of it occurring but we don’t end every…read more

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