Halloween 2015

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This year I decide to get a little more into the spirit of Halloween. Last week we went to Costco and they had carving pumpkins for $13 and I thought we’ll give it a go. We also bought a box of chocolates that had 116 pieces for the trick or treaters. I went searching for a pattern for my jack-o-lantern and found a great site that has many, many, patterns for you to use. In fact The Pumpkin Lady has over 700 different designs you can choose from. After much…read more

Kanvas Grey at Bella Union

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Work, home and then all the way back to the city. We stopped in and had a quick catch up with Sue and the family before heading to Bella Union to catch Kanvas Grey’s performance. We missed Shane Sewell’s performance, but arrived just in time for Ben, Adam and Liam to go on. Of course I took the camera along and took some snaps.

Shooting with Michael

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Today was David’s photoshoot with Michael Popovski. I was the assistant today; the one who schleps the equipment around. I also took some behind the scenes shots. At one point I jumped in and took a couple of natural light shots. The one edited in colour and monochrome is my favourite of the day. David will be posting his photos over on his photostream shortly.

Kids and Guinea Pigs

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So the neighbour kid next to our immediate neighbour was a customer at Puppy Preschool so she knows we take photos, because we took photos of her dog. Today little Luke, one of the immediate neighbour kids came up to talk to us when we pulled into the driveway (as he often does), and his sister Natalie came over carrying one of her Guinea Pigs. She said, “You take the photos at puppy preschool don’t you?” I replied “Yes” and she said “Maybe you could take photos of Kate my…read more

Propaganda Machine at work

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So I was listening to the Savage Lovecast and aside from Dan’s awesome rant about the US’ grip on guns he also talked to Rachel Percelay from Media Matters and she revelled something I probably always knew but never articulated… the news and governments feed on our ignorance. Ms Percelay didn’t say it quite like that but… She was talking about how Fox News has presented many, many (she had stats) segments about trans people and in particular about bathroom use laws and how not a single one of the…read more


Heroes Reborn

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After watching “Heroes Reborn” I can say the show has promise. That it copped criticism for be “slow” shows that people forget what a big ensemble show like this is like. There are a LOT of characters to introduce and they can’t all be action-pact right out of the gate or you’d end up with a TV show that’s very hard to maintain. Heroes Reborn leads on from the end of the Heroes series… the world knows about those with special powers, “evos”, and of course everyone loves them… and…read more

Vaccines do not lead to autism

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Soooo… I had a big argument with a friend a couple of weeks back… it started as a conversation and quickly devolved into stern looks and accusations from both sides that the other was out and out crazy. I was challenged to go and look into the sources that immunisations are actually bad for our kids and that people shouldn’t be forced to have their children injected with ‘unknown’ chemicals just because someone else said it should happen. The subject of an increase in autism came up, as it does,…read more

Minifig Studio

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To beat the summer heat, we’ve moved our computer desks to our lounge room, which is spacious enough for this set up, and that means we have a whole room to function as a makeshift studio. I’ve set up a little diorama-type stage that I can swap out backdrops on to shoot my minifigs. Maybe the plan is to one day shoot real people in there, but it’s not THAT big of a room. We might need a studio to do this. So anyway, here are a few of the…read more

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